Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Graphic Novel is Available!

The Collagemonauts new 64 page graphic novel is finally available! You can get a print-on-demand or digital download copy at this link:

The graphic novel was created by the Collagemonauts using traditional hand-cut collage with minimal digital manipulation. It chronicles the origin stories of THE COLLAGEMONAUTS; Space Jesus, Netter E. Nuff the Space Doctor and Thorak the Space Ape, this four issue collection guides us through a whacky homage to science fiction comics, movies and literature. Exploring the perils and rewards of the MICROVERSE through the eyes of these hapless wanderers, we join their quest to find a new home and themselves. Will they survive those that try to thwart them? Find out what happens in this unique visual extravaganza of hand-cut collage collaboration goodness!
Thrust into universal fame by astronomical adventures, three men have vowed to chart a course where normal folk fear to tread…the perilous path beyond what is known! They call themselves… THE COLLAGEMONAUTS!